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J&J Garage, sells new & relined Brake shoes, Brake pads, Clutches, Pressure Plates, Starter Motors and Alternators for all make vehicles 12 and 24 volts. J&J Garage does Excellent Brakes and Clutch relining, Pressure Plates and Fly-wheels Resurfacing, Repairs, Rebuilding, and Re-manufacturing, and the transfer of Clutch linings from one Clutch to another, remove broken and damage Clutch springs from Clutches and replace with new springs. Remove damage or worn Spline from Clutches and replace with new Splines. Modify and build Clutches to high performance O.E.M. specifications. Cut Clutch Plates, extend or reduce to sizes specified to customer’s request. Replace damage Clutch Fins. Modify Clutches by changing centers with different Spline dimension. Build and modify high performance racing Clutches to customers specifications.
PRESSURE PLATES: J&J Garage repairs and rebuild your worn Pressure Plates into a working machine with Warranty, FOR EXAMPLE, Changing of Pressure Plate Facing, Re-Facing of Pressure Plates, Replacing of broke or worn Pressure Plates Diaphragms and re-tensioning of Pressure Plates.
FLY-WHEELS: Re-Facing of Fly-wheels, Lightining of the weight of Fly-wheels. etc.
FLY-WHEEL RING GEARS: Repair damage Ring-gears and cut Ring-gears teeth to work to O.E.M. specifications.
STARTER MOTORS: Starter Motors and Alternators repairs. Fit new Brushes, Solenoids, Bushings, Bearings, Gears, Contacts, and also repair Starter Gear Clutches and Starter Gear Teeth and Skim and modify Armatures to reduce or extend shaft length.
ALTENATORS: Not charging or noisy Alternators, we repair Alternators, fit replacement Bearings, Voltage Regulators and Rectifiers, Brushes, Diodes. Supress noise cause by Alternator. Rewind Alternator Stator Coils, Replace damage Alternator Rotars & Commentator ends.
WATER PUMPS: Repair and re-seal Water pumps fit new bearing and new seals to water pumps.
ROCK-N-PINIONS & POWER STEARING PUMPS: Fit new seals to Rock-n-Pinion and Power Steering Pumps.
MOUNT RUBBERS: Motors Mounts and Gear box Rubbers. If not broken in pieces we can rebond rubbers separated from the metals.
MOST OF THE WORK DESCRIBED ABOVE CAN BE COMPLETED WITHIN THREE HOURS. J&J GARAGE, We Lead... Others Falla Back-a-We in auto motive technology and Engineering works, J&J Garage, we give the people what they want, Top Quality and cheap Price.. No one else comes close... No One!
All jobs come with a warranty.
J&J Garage remove old Clutches and pressure plates from vehicles and install new replacements. Clutches, Pressure Plates and do general repair work. J&J Garage... We give the people what they want, top quality and cheap prices... No one comes close... No one! We do relining and repairs of high performance clutches pressure plates and fly wheels for all make vehicles including Trucks, Tractors, Forklifts, Crane, Elevators and Motorcycles. We sell Top quality Brake Shoe, Disc Pads and clutches For Fords, G.M.C, Chevrolets, Dodge, Chryslers, Isuzu, Daihatsu, Subaru, Land Rover, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, B.M.W., V.W., Peugeot, Honda, Hyundai, Kia Mercedes Benz and other.

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Dennis JJ Woodbine

Is an Achiver of the U.L.C.I. of England Certificates.

In Automotive Tecnology & Related studies. Certification received in 1969 & 1970 respectively.

Is also an Achiver of the

R.C.A. Electronics Institutes of New York City Certificate in Radio & Television electronics servicing program, 840 Hours, obtain in 1972.

A Former Certified, Qualefied & License New York State Department of Motor Vehicle safety Inspector. (Retired)



is qualified to conduct inspections of the vehicle groups specified below




J&J Garage, We specialize in the sales of Brake Shoes, Brake Linings, Brake Pads & Linings, Clutches and Clutch Lining, Pressure Plates, Starter Motors & Altinators for all make Vehicles, including Trucks, Cars, SUV's, Tractors & Others.

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